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No Matter What Your Present Status in the Catholic Church

No Matter What Your Current Family or Marital Situation

No Matter What Your Past or Present Religious Affiliation

No Matter What Your Personal History, Age, Background, Race, or Color

No Matter What Your Own Self-Image or Esteem

You are Invited, Welcomed, Accepted, Loved, and Respected At...

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church


Mass Times

Saturday Vigil Mass

4:00 PM

6:00 PM (Spanish)

Sunday Masses

8:00 AM

9:30 AM

12:00 PM (Spanish)

Daily Masses at the Chapel

Tuesday - Friday    9:00 am

240 South Main Street


30 Minutes prior to mass and by appointment.

Our History


The History of St. John the Baptist

Saint John the Baptist, a cousin of Christ, began preaching in the wilderness that people should repent because the kingdom of heaven was at hand. He baptized his followers, including Christ, in the Jordan river. He hailed Christ as the lamb of God in reference to Isaiah's image of the lamb led to slaughter to bear the sins of mankind, and also because of the custom of sacrificing a lamb at Passover.   

Feast Day: June 24th.


The History of Our Church

In the year 1906, St. John the Baptist was a Missionary Parish attached to Saint Monica's Church in Palatka. Father Patrick Barry from St. Monica's celebrated Mass at different parishioners' homes approximately three or four times a year. In 1910, St. John the Baptist Church Catholic Church was erected at the corners of Lemon and Main Sts. in Crescent City. In 1932, Mass was celebrated once a week due to Bishop Patrick Barry. 

Father John F. Wells celebrated the first Mass in our present Church on December 13, 1959. The dedication was on January 16, 1960 by Archbishop Joseph Hurley.   

Father Hugh E. Dolan was the 1st Resident Pastor  1969 

Father John Sheppard, C.S. Sp.  1973 

Father Herbert Maher, C.S. Sp (Adm. Pro Temp)  1974 

Father Thomas Sullivan  1976 

Father John Gillispie  1979 

Father Brian Eburn  1981 

Father James May  2002 

Father Jhon Guarnizo  2008 

Father  Rodolfo Godinez 2012 

Father James May 2014  

Father Heriberto Vergara 2018 to present 

Since the Holy See created the Diocese of St. Augustine on March 11, 1870, the following have served as our Bishop's: 

Jean Pierre Verot, 

John Moore, 

William J. Kenny, 

Michael J. Carley, 

Patrick J. Barry, 

Joseph P. Hurley, 

Thomas J. McDonough, 

Paul F. Tanner, 

John J. Snyder, 

Victor Galeone

Felipe Estevez (Current Bishop).

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